Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting Services

puppy pet sittingServices:

PET SITTING – two visits per day to feed, medicate, and play with your pet(s). We can schedule the visits as early as 7:00 am and as late as 8:00 pm. I will provide an extra night visit or middle of the day visit if needed, driven by the needs of your pets.

DOG WALKING – 20 minute walk and/or playtime with your dog(s).

TRANSPORTATION – Pick up and/or delivery of your pet(s) to the groom, boarding facility, veterinarian or wherever they need to go.

SMALL FARM CARE – Feeding, turn out, stall cleaning, and care for a variety of farm animals.

Home Care:

As part of the pet sitting service, plants are watered, lights on/off, mail is brought in, trash to the curb on trash day.

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